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External PingSweep tool enhancements with v3.2.0

We are excited to announce v3.2.0 of the External PingSweep tool with following enhancements:

Added discovery_options section in the config file (ping.cfg) with following. All of the following are optional.


  • strip_domain_suffix = True or False, depending on whether you want to strip domain suffix from discovered device name from reverse proxy
  • create_new_subnet = True or False, preferably True if you want to create a subnet for discovered CIDR that doesn’t exist in Device42
  • category = Name of the subnet category
  • overwrite_subnet_categories = True or False, If you want to overwrite any existing category for the subnet
  • vrfgroup = Name of the vrf group IPs/subnet should belong to
  • type = type of IP, static, reserverd or dhcp

Discover IPs and reverse DNS quickly with PingSweep v3.2.0

You can download the latest ping sweep tool from: /autodiscovery/

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