Data Center Migration Roadmap – Infographic

We’re just a week away from distributing the first entry in our Guide to Data Migration Roadmap, “Readiness Assessment and Creation of the Pre-Migration Plan.”

Meanwhile, grab the embed code (below the infographic) to share the high-resolution Roadmap with your friends [and on your favorite social site, on Facebook, why not even Google+…!], and come back for the entries as they are published. As a bonus for those of you who read all the entries in the series, we’ll distribute a PDF of the fully assembled Guide to Data Center Migration after the entire series has been released!

If you didn’t catch our series prequel, “Top 20 Data Center Migration Mistakes to Avoid”, do check it out. Some of the steps may seem obvious especially to those who are experienced in migrating data centers, just as bringing clean socks and underwear seems obvious when packing for a vacation… Yet many of us still rely on a packing checklist to ensure we don’t forget something silly in the heat of the moment’s excitement [and we often still do…]!

Similarly, seemingly simple things are easy to overlook under pressure, and this guide not only helps ensure you remember to plan for everything, but if you aren’t a regular migrator (and many aren’t – large migrations, for many, tend to be a maybe once or twice in a career thing), the list also serves to highlight things that could otherwise go easily overlooked.

So, do check out our previous post, and meanwhile stay tuned for next week’s! We look forward to seeing you then and hearing your feedback, be it questions, comments, or even criticisms, and thanks for stopping by!

Data Center Migration Roadmap - Infographic
Grab or share a copy of the Migration Roadmap Infographic by Device42


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