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Enhance BMC Atrium CMDB with CI Data from Device42

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Today we’re excited to announce the release of a new integration between Device42 and BMC Atrium! This integration allows you to synchronize assets and objects from Device42 with their respective CI instances in BMC Atrium’s CMDB. The integration is written in Python, and connects to both Device42 and BMC Atrium via each platform’s RESTful API.

Utilize infrastructure data discovered by Device42 with BMC Atrium Orchestrator to coordinate automated processes, speed up service delivery, ensure compliance, and generally empower your workflows. If you love Device42’s continuous auto-discovery, and are looking to utilize this data in BMC Atrium distribution, this is the integration for you!

Device42 CI IP address computer hierarchy in BMC Atrium Explorer

Create devices and IP addresses as they appear in Device42 and map their relationship and impact in BMC Atrium!

To assist with populating BMC Atrium with data from Device42, we’ve implemented DOQL queries as a data source for this integration. Using DOQL gives you the ability to write custom queries that return exactly the data you want in the exact format you need, which helps to simplify the integration process. DOQL syntax will be immediately familiar to anyone who has written SQL queries. This integration supports using both DOQL and REST API requests, offering greater flexibility and control. With both querying methods working side by side, populating an external CMDB with data from D42 is more powerful than ever!

IP address confirmed between Device42 and BMC Atrium

Synchronized CI data in Atrium Explorer and Device42’s own CMDB.    

This integration is configured using a slim XML file that maps how data returned from Device42 relates to corresponding CI attributes in BMC Atrium. More details on configuration of the mapping file can be found in the documentation on the integration’s GitHub repository.

Example of python mapping file configuration

Example of a Task that creates BMC_IPEndpoints using data retrieved from Device42 through a DOQL query.

Empower your BMC Atrium distribution with CI data from Device42 by downloading the new integration today!

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