BMC Atrium Integration with Device42

Bring the power of Device42’s Comprehensive Autodiscovery to BMC Atrium

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Populating BMC Atrium manually just isn’t realistic. Let Device42 handle discovery for you.

The modern datacenter moves at the speed of the cloud. Connect its many data sources with Device42: Your cloud-era configuration broker!

BMC Remedy Integration

Enjoy the many benefits of Device42

From DCIM to IPAM to its comprehensive CMDB, experience value you can see by populating BMC Atrium with Device42’s continuous autodiscovery.

  • Passwords at your fingertips with the secure, built in password manager
  • Locate running software, get counts, and track licenses for any software with software license management.
  • Track spare parts and inventory with built-in spare parts management.
  • “What-If Scenarios” make deployment planning easier - Simply ask Device42 which racks have free space!
  • Resource utilization and the cloud recommendation engine make planning your cloud move a breeze!
BMC Remedy Integration

Sync your CIs between Device42 and BMC Atrium

Customize what you sync to BMC Atrium with the power of Device42’s flexible DOQL, built into this integration!

Keep sync’d CI data up-to-date with scheduled automatic or on-demand syncs - at any time!

Device42 features integrations, a powerful API, Webhooks, DOQL ...and so much MORE!

Leverage the CI details you already have in Device42 to sync anything from software and services (and much more) into BMC Atrium.

Use the synced information to get your data working for you and your unique needs!