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Dell Storage Discovery Script by the Device42 Community

Thanks to the awesome Device42 community, users who run Dell storage arrays have a new reason to get excited: A Device42 user-authored Dell Storage discovery script!


Device42 Community-powered Dell Storage Discovery

A kind Device42 user named Adam Robinson, from the Flint, Michigan area went ahead and authored an interesting script that does a great job of discovering hardware details for certain Dell storage devices that Device42 does not currently support, sharing the results of his hard work with the community via GitHub.

Device42 users can now find Adam’s script on our Device42 GitHub page – Thanks Adam! Adam also was kind enough to let us know that recent changes in the newest versions of Dell Storage manager may have affected the amount of data returned by the Dell API when using certain older Dell storage arrays.


Script Background

The script leverages APIs on both ends, reading storage array information from Dell’s Storage Enterprise Manager via its APIs, and then sends received data back to Device42 via its RESTful APIs.

Adam also mentioned that the script was authored using Python 2.7, and that README.MD file that can be found in the GitHub repository has details instructing users how to run it. The script was tested against:

  • Dell Storage Enterprise Manager 2015 R3
  • Dell Storage Manager 2016 R3


The script may work with other versions, but we can’t be sure.

Though we’re can’t say for certain just how many Dell devices are supported, the quality of the data appears to be quite good. YMMV, but do let us know if you’ve had any success (or not!) with other versions of Enterprise manager, and if you’re a Device42 user who utilizes Dell storage arrays and you happen to try out Adam’s script, we’d love to hear from you!


Please leave a comment below with your thoughts.

For more information and/or to download the script:

If you are looking to try this but are new to Device42, download a fully functional 30-day trial here.


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