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AWS Migrations are transformative to an organization. They often allow enterprises to reduce operational costs, increase speed to market and achieve nearly limitless scalability. However, moving an on-premises enterprise out of its current data center or colocation facility can be challenging. That’s where Device42 can help.

Device42 quickly and efficiently discovers computer, network and storage resources using existing management protocols already implemented in enterprises today. Device42 automatically and agentlessly discovers everything in your IT estate – from legacy (mainframes, AS/400), to virtual (VMWare, HyperV), to the latest in cloud (Kubernetes, Docker). Device42 has performed these discoveries in the most highly secure environments and allows YOU to retain complete control over the data it collects.

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Once discovered, Device42 automatically identifies application dependencies and communication pathways, and allows users to create custom business applications that combine organizational knowledge with automatic discovery. Business applications can be used to create migration move groups and track critical data like RTO, RPO, and application owners. 

Device42 also provides AWS infrastructure recommendations and cost estimates based on existing resource utilization. Device42 integrates with several AWS solutions like AWS Migration HubMigration EvaluatorCloudEndure Migration and has been accepted into the coveted ISV Accelerate program and AWS Migration Competency.

Device42 is deployed on-premises with no data leaving the data center, freeing organizations to plan their cloud migration knowing that their data will be available only to them.

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Customers in more than 60 countries including 2000 Global Clients and Systems Integrators trust Device42 as they manage and
modernize their IT infrastructure.

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