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Cloud Adoption Survery

85% of the audience have or plan on deploying more workloads onto the public cloud

60% believe their cloud consumption will continue to grow in the next 3-5 years, regardless of their current position

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Of the cloud providers, AWS and Azure are now tied neck-to-neck in terms of the audience’s best choice for cloud resources.


  • 50% of the audience still continue to rely on traditional data centers for parts of their business
  • Only 13% believe the cloud has delivered on its promised of cost savings and technology delivery
  • Over 50% also don’t know exactly what type of infrastructure they have in the cloud
  • 80% believe the cloud is expensive or getting more expensive
  • 20% have already or plan to roll back their cloud workloads back onto a traditional on-premises infrastructure

For those that have not adopted the cloud, business fit is the #1 reason. And for those that have deployed onto the cloud, their primary reason is to scale and make IT resources more efficient to support their businesses.

Dates of Survey & Analysis: December 2022 – January 2023
Number of responses: 300
Region: Global