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Data Center Power Management

“Playing tetris” with your servers in racks with no visibility into power consumption? Wasting money and resources on under-optimized data center power? Device42’s comprehensive DCIM solution can help you take the complexity out of your data center energy management giving you full visibility and control. Optimize your data center power and add efficiency to your capacity planning.

  • Monitor your smart PDUs, UPSs, CRACs, branch circuits and other devices
  • View reports and charts showing historical data
  • View color heat maps at the room and rack-level with infeed-level detail
  • Set fully configurable alerts to warn you about anomalous conditions
  • Monitor sensors (e.g. temperature and humidity) with historical data and alerts
  • Visualize your complete power chain
  • Control Smart PDUs outlets and CRAC units (via SNMP)
  • Support for all SNMP-based power devices
  • “Device42 stands out for the simplicity of its implementation and operation” (Gartner)
  • Lowest-cost fully-featured DCIM tool
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Making the switch is easy with migration utilities and imports.

Photo-Realistic Rack Layout Views

Managing data center racks has never been easier or more accurate! Device42’s automatically generated rack diagrams make manual drawings and spreadsheet records a thing of the past. Creating accurate rack diagrams is now fast and easy:

  • Support for ½ U devices
  • Back to back devices(½ depth)
  • Show filler panels, patch panels
  • See available rack units
  • Show PDUs in and around the rack
  • Drag and drop objects between racks
  • Find next available slot

Vendor Agnostic Management

There are multiple proprietary power measurement and control protocols supported by different OEMs, which make it challenging to have a single solution for power management across ALL devices in the data center. Device42’s Energy Management Module works across different vendors. It provides accurate, real time power and thermal monitoring and management for individual servers, group of servers, racks and IT equipment such as PDUs in the data centers.

Thermal and Power Heatmaps

  • Rack Level Heat maps based on power and thermal data from individual servers
  • Heap maps on the room layout view based on capacity, power usage and thermal data

Power Chain Maps

Power and thermal management in the data center has never been easier. Using Device42 software, data center managers can anticipate and avoid thermal- and power-related problems with proactive real-time and historical management capabilities:

  • Monitor power across supported PDUs via SNMP
  • Track and view historical power and thermal data
  • Estimate power for servers
  • Enjoy better capacity planning and more efficient utilization
  • Toggle power on supported PDU outlets

Historical Energy Data

  • Look at historical data for predictive modeling
  • Powerful charts with zoom in/out options

Fully Customizable Alerts

The Alerting engine is extremely powerful because it’s fully customizable. Configure any number of people to alert, custom escalation chains and timing, and receive rich, detailed alert emails.

  • Configure any number of alert email destinations for both alert and clear conditions
  • Easily customize escalation steps and timing
  • Configure alerts to trigger automated actions via webhooks!
  • Embed variables like Device Name, type, IP, ID, Status, Element type, Measurement, Value, time, date, etc!

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Device42 is taking us from anarchy to the organization.

 – Matt Iles

Network Systems Manager
International School of Beijing