ITAM Webinar video - Device42

IT Asset Management – This is The Way Webinar

Learn from industry experts, Yama Habibzai CMO at Device42, Ian Silver From Flynn Group of Companies, and James McFadden, Senior Solutions Architect at Device42 as they show and discuss the business value and best practices of IT Asset Management.




1. Why do clients feel the importance of Accuracy for ITAM is increasing? Any feedback on that?

Based on the EMA report shared during the webinar, the data shows that ITAM in general is gaining more importance, not that the accuracy is increasing. Please see the EMA Report for details.


2. On the privacy side what type of rights and access do you need to install Device42? Does Device42 keep any data within the platform? 

Anyone who has permissions to deploy a virtual machine in their environment can deploy Device42. Device42’s Main Appliance and Remote Collectors are pre-configured VMs. The Windows Discovery Service, a lightweight service running on a windows server, would require admin rights for installation on a Windows Server of your choice. Usually this would be an AD server, Tools server, or JumpHost. The Device42 platform is also an on-premises solution and all data stays securely within your environment.


3. What is the typical per device cost of using Device42?

Device42 is based on a per device, and annual subscription pricing. We can get you details based on your environment and needs here.

4. Do the major players like Deloitte, PWC, Accenture accept D42 output reports as gospel when they come in to conduct an audit? 

Major auditors should consume Device42 reporting as accurate data. However, each individual auditing firm may have different requirements and procedures in place to validate any and all reporting supplied. Once an auditing firm has validated the report process, the firm should accept the repeated reporting, including reporting from Device42.

5. Where can I find a list of the 30+ solutions Device42 integrates with?

 You can find the details of the integrations of Device42 here.

6. Ian, what Device42 functionality do you find most helpful for ITAM?

Accurate and up-to-date information at a moment’s notice. For me (Ian) Device42’s ability to search and filter discovered device information and generate different reports to our needs has been quite helpful. I can export discovered data from Device42, modify different attributes with 3rd party data, then re-import into Device42 with all the current support information we need. It has been really advantageous for us. 


7. How does Device42 enable discovery of assets on non-trusted / segmented networks?

 Trusted and non-trusted segment discovery are both handled in the same manner, leveraging the remote collector to run discovery jobs in multiple segments. However, depending on your network design and security requirements, often multiple Remote Collectors are deployed. This is particularly frequent in hardened zones and heavily segmented environments.


8. With the integration of ITAM and Discovery, is there any kind of roadmap automation in regards to the “X” device’s end of life please refer to the datasheet “Y” for successor? 

With the rapid changing vendor recommendations for successor hardware or software, it is nearly impossible to track and maintain up to date vendor EOL to replacement product correlation. However, with Device42, you are empowered with the knowledge of EOS and EOL information so that you can work with your specific vendor to provide you with the best “next solution” in their product catalog.


9. One of the challenges for ITAM is understanding environments like PaaS or SaaS. How do you solve this challenge?

Leveraging Device42’s Cloud discovery and integrating with Cloud API’s, Device42 collects information about your cloud assets with the same relative outcome as physical devices. To get a clearer picture of how Device42 can represent your cloud assets in a meaningful and usable manner, we recommend that you reach out to us so that we can present you with a demo tailored to your particular needs.


10. Can you export reports from the system? 

Yes you can export reports from Device42. We also have a full API that can be set up to extract the data. You can find more information about setting up the API here.


11. In the case of Hybrid environments including On-prem, Private Cloud, Public Clouds (Multi-Cloud), do you manage discovery and dependencies?

Yes, Device42 is an on premises solution. We work with partners including AWS, Azure, GCP and more. One of our strengths as a product comes from our depth of discovery. We can discover legacy infrastructure like OpenVMS and AIX while still supporting modern infrastructure like cloud. Device42 can also map the service and device relationships and dependencies of physical machines, virtual machines, or in the cloud.

12. When we say Software, does it help to manage the Licenses and also End Of Life of OS or DBs or COTS products like Adobe?

 Yes, Through our License Modeling we can track licenses for any and all discovered pieces of software. We can also track EOL and EOS information in the same manner.


13. Is Device42 suitable for small scale or large scale organizations?

 Device42 fits into any organization that needs to track and manage applications and IT infrastructure. Device42 currently has over 20,000 active users at customers across more than 60 countries worldwide; and works with companies of many different sizes.


14. How is device data aggregated, based on VM hosts or regions? or can we also create logical groupings like HR dept, Finance dept?

Data is aggregated via a proprietary and patented algorithm to specific devices. For region, and logical groupings, we have plenty of custom fields and tags that will provide you the flexibility needed in order to organize the data in a manner appropriate for your organization.


15. Is it possible to deploy software for the assets?

Device42 does not deploy software. However, it can report on assets that you may deem needing that software.


16. Is Device42 compliant with Jira Service Desk?

Yes, we have an integration with Jira Service Management to sync assets and Configuration Items directly to JSM issues or service requests. You can find more information here.