Feature List - Device42

Your single source of truth.
Here is a subset of what you get with Device42, and the capabilities it gives you:

Discovery & Mapping
End-to-end hybrid infrastructure discovery
Application and device dependency mapping & visualization
Automatically generated impact charts to show the relationship of apps, to hardware components
Affinity Group auto-discovery and dependency mapping
SSL Certificate Management
DCIM & Capacity Planning
Drag & drop Data Center layout, rack and patch panel diagraming
Get the next available IP address
Locate racks with enough space and power capacity to house a new servers
Determine which users are affected by scheduled and unscheduled outages
Know if a server/OS is still supported and where to find it
Maintain accurate server-switch port connections
Accurately manage rack power and cooling capacities
Find available rack capacity with heat maps colored by available units
Ensure power availability at a glance with overlaid color bars
Quickly find space, outlets, and power capacity for new equipment with “What-if” analysis
Visually ensure all your machines are redundantly connected
Easily identify any hardware without redundancy
View power consumption, temperature and humidity over time
Locate data center hot sports and eliminate problem areas
Comprehensive reporting includes abundant pre-configured reports or easily create your own
Instantly report change history, contracts, and rack space availability
Easily tell if you have room to grow, or power and cooling capacity to consolidate
IT Services Management
No need to put the same data into multiple systems. Device42 is your single source of truth
Enhance the information in your ticketing system with data from Device42
Integrations with popular ITSM applications such as JIRA, Confluence, ServiceNow and Zendesk
Out-of-the-box integrations with automation platforms such as Rundeck, Puppet, and Chef
Import data from other CMDB providers like Aperature, Microsoft SCCM, Solarwinds, & more
Import data from spreadsheets, Visio, docs and all other places that can provide a .csv file
Asset Life Cycle Management
Record purchases in a single platform
Asset lifecycle tracking from the day of purchase to the day it’s retired
Associate a service contract with the actual asset it applies to
Automatically generate a smartphone - readable QR code for physical inventory
Improve planning with accurate financial data for budgeting and auditing
Proactively manage contracts and maintenance renewals with powerful reporting and notices
Track software licensing and ensure compliance
Password Management
Take control of who has access to what systems
Ensure that data center teams have the information they need, when they need it
Quickly map service accounts and secrets to devices and applications
Protect account and password information with granular access control
Track password views, expiration data, and password changes
Other Powerful Capabilities Delivered in the Same Platform
IT Asset Management
Automated and accurate discovery and visibility into storage resources
Built-in CMDB with the freshest and most accurate data
Hardware inventory management
Software License Management
IP Address Management (IPAM)

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