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Device42 vs. Cloudamize

Looking for a better alternative to Cloudamize? You’re in the right place!

  • Our easy to use virtual appliance is feature-packed with agentless auto-discovery, remote collectors, resource utilization, and universal import tools help make cloud migrations easier
  • Device42’s comprehensive CMDB and powerful ADM make migrations easier, helping you create and prioritize ‘move groups’ and simplifying the retirement and/or consolidation of assets during your migration
  • More than simply a “best cloud platform and cost” calculator, Device42 continues to provide valuable insight long after your migration is complete
  • Device42’s unique understanding and clear presentation of application interdependencies ensures all of your migrations efforts are efficient and successful!
  • Impact and dependency charts ensure faster recovery and shorter MTTRs


Device42 Cloudamize®
Can keep discovered data on premise
Agentless Discovery
Resource Utilization
Cloud Cost Estimation

Key Features:

  • Lean on Device42 before, during, and after your migration:
  • Assess: Determine the best migration path for your systems – Legacy or modern, to the cloud, colo, or hybrid
  • Plan: Segment apps and servers into “move groups” by dependency, and ensure all inter-dependencies are accounted for. Quickly determine who needs to be involved, and their contact information is at your fingertips
  • Migrate: Look up server credentials, and generate a secure new set for the migrated server
  • Validate: Ensure your applications are functioning and your changes appear as they should
  • Optimize: Continuously optimize. Watch power usage and temps, and ensure loads remain ideally distributed. Use data provided by Device42 to help fine tune whenever necessary. Use webhooks and the API to automate repetitive processes
  • Powerful, Agentless Device Discovery
    • Native WMI for Windows & SSH for *nix, BSD, and Mac
    • SNMP for network devices like routers, switches, and load balancers
    • Native Discovery for popular hypervisors and their guest VMs, cloud platforms, blades
  • Application Dependency Mapping discovers (with or without agents) all your application dependencies
  • Optional remote collector – no complicated span ports necessary, ever!
  • Device42 automatically generates dependency flow diagrams, charts, and list views that identify the relationships and interdependencies between devices, servers, applications, and application components
  • See the services that are listening, on what ports, and all open ports on each server
  • Discover data on servers that can’t be accessed directly with netflow and NMAP
  • Powerful Planning with “What-if Scenarios” – Optimally spread loads for efficient space and power utilization

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