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iTop Alternative – Device42 + Jira / Jira Service Management

iTop® by Combodo is an opensource software for CMDB, Service Management and ITSM. It can work well if you are looking to manually configure and manage your CMDB. But managing your configuration items (CIs) manually and maintaining the relationships between the CIs can get very tedious and thereby eliminate the advantage of using a tool to streamline your IT operations.

Using Device42, Jira (or other ITSM tools Device42 integrates with), and the Device42 Jira Connector, you can add automation around your workflow and add efficiency to your IT operations. Device42 will also mitigates risks and provide nearly everything you need for your IT audits.

If you are looking for a CMDB, there are several reasons to consider Device42…

  • First, you don’t need to spend a lot of time designing your CI’s and their interrelationships. Device42 offers pre-defined Cis and relationships that will work for most companies, and offers extensive customization features where needed.
  • Second, Device42 offers strong autodiscovery features that you can use to populate most of the CMDB.
  • Third, once the CMDB is populated, you get some great visualizations including application dependency maps, room and rack layout views, network topology maps, power and IP connectivity, and much more.
  • Last and probably most important, Device42 gives you a single source of truth for all of IT because it is not just a CMDB, it is also a full DCIM tool, a full IPAM tool, and also offers cable management (with great visualizations), and a full password manager.

Load CI’s Fast with Powerful Auto-Discovery Tools

Populate your CMDB fast with an extensive range of auto-discovery tools for physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures. Increase efficiency and maximize productivity by getting clear visibility into what you have while promoting transparency companywide.

  • All discovery tools are agent-less
  • All discoveries can be scheduled so you’re always up-to-date
  • Multiple protocols supported (e.g. SNMP, WMI, SSH, …)
  • Native support for virtualization platforms
  • Native support for public and private cloud platforms
  • Native support for blade chassis
  • Granular APIs with sample scripts for custom discovery
  • Fast, flexible and easy to deploy
  • Result is a system that is always audit ready

Pre-configured CMDB

No need for a long, drawn-out CI design process because all your CI’s and relationships are pre-configured. But Device42 does not simply lock you into an inflexible structure. You can create your own CIs and relationships to complement the built-in structure provided. Additionally, you can define user, groups, passwords, and object-level permissioning.

solution components
solution components


Once your data is loaded, it’s time to reap the benefits. Device42 offers an extensive and highly-customizable set of reports and inquiry screens to access your CI data. But even better, Device42 provides an extensive set of visualizations including….

  • Your computer rooms and racks with power and capacity heatmaps
  • Your full IP connectivity and power chain
  • Your hardware, software, and application dependencies

Rapid Deployment

  • Most customers find they are up and running much of their infrastructure loaded in less than a day
  • Auto-discovery requires just filling in a few forms with parameters like IP ranges and authentication parameters
  • Spreadsheet-based imports are available for data that cannot be discovered
  • RESTful API’s are available for customized data-loading and mapping

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