Lansweeper vs. Device42

Looking for Lansweeper Network Management alternative? Find out how Device42 beats the competition. Device42 provides comprehensive IT asset management capabilities including powerful and agentless auto-discovery and configurable asset types. With RESTful APIs and a holistic approach to IT infrastructure, you can use a single Device42 product vs using separate products.

Solution Comparison

Device42 Lansweeper®
Configuration Management Database
IT Asset Management
IP Address Management
Automated Software Deployment
IT Service Management Integrations

Lansweeper provides an IT inventory management tool. If you are looking for a comprehensive CMDB that integrates Data Center management, IP address management and IT inventory with strong auto-discovery capabilities – Device42 might be the right tool for you.

If you are looking for a CMDB, there are several reasons to consider Device42…

  • First, you don’t need to spend a lot of time designing your CI’s and their interrelationships. Device42 offers pre-defined Cis and relationships that will work for most companies and offers extensive customization features where needed.
  • Second, Device42 offers strong autodiscovery features that you can use to populate most of the CMDB.
  • Third, once the CMDB is populated, you get some great visualizations including application dependency maps, room and rack layout views, network topology maps, power and IP connectivity, and much more.
  • Last and probably most important, Device42 gives you a single source of truth for all of IT because it is not just a CMDB, it is also a full DCIM tool, a full ITAM tool, and also offers cable management (with great visualizations), and a full password manager.

Load CI’s Fast with Powerful Auto-Discovery Tools

Populate your CMDB fast with an extensive range of auto-discovery tools for physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures. Increase efficiency and maximize productivity by getting clear visibility into what you have while promoting transparency companywide.

  • All discovery tools are agent-less
  • All discoveries can be scheduled so you’re always up-to-date
  • Multiple protocols supported (e.g. SNMP, WMI, SSH, …)
  • Native support for virtualization platforms
  • Native support for public and private cloud platforms
  • Native support for blade chassis
  • Granular APIs with sample scripts for custom discovery
  • Fast, flexible and easy to deploy
  • Result is a system that is always audit ready

Pre-configured CMDB

No need for a long, drawn-out CI design process because all your CI’s and relationships are pre-configured. But Device42 does not simply lock you into an inflexible structure. You can create your own CIs and relationships to complement the built-in structure provided. Additionally, you can define user, groups, passwords, and object-level permissioning.

solution components
solution components


Once your data is loaded, it’s time to reap the benefits. Device42 offers an extensive and highly-customizable set of reports and inquiry screens to access your CI data. But even better, Device42 provides an extensive set of visualizations including….

  • Your computer rooms and racks with power and capacity heatmaps
  • Your full IP connectivity and power chain
  • Your hardware, software, and application dependencies

Automated service impact discovery

With our powerful agent-less auto-discovery methods, you can easily map services, listening ports on the services and remote connections for windows and linux machines.

Some of the benefits of this feature listed below:
  • Know what services are listening on what ports
  • Find out all the open ports on a machine
  • Visualize all the dependencies for a particular machine
  • Get a list view of the service and remote dependencies as well
  • No need to configure expensive span ports to get dependencies between servers
  • Easy migration path for your legacy systems
solution components

Software License Management

Using Device42’s powerful agentless software discovery process, organizations can create and maintain a comprehensive, accurate profile of the software deployed on Windows and Linux machines across the entire IT infrastructure — from the server, to the desktop level.

  • Compare current usage to license counts
  • Detect prohibited software
  • Track license agreements and expiration dates
  • Identify purchased vs. installed software
  • Provide customizable notification alerts

Rapid Deployment

  • Most customers find they are up and running much of their infrastructure loaded in less than a day
  • Auto-discovery requires just filling in a few forms with parameters like IP ranges and authentication parameters
  • Spreadsheet-based imports are available for data that cannot be discovered
  • RESTful API’s are available for customized data-loading and mapping

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