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ManageEngine Asset Explorer vs Device42

Looking for a better Manageengine Asset Explorer alternative? Find out how Device42 hands down beats the competition.

Device42 provides comprehensive IT asset management (ITAM) capabilities:

  • Powerful agentless auto-discovery
  • Configurable asset types
  • RESTful APIs and Webhooks
  • A holistic approach to IT infrastructure
  • Matching Device42’s single product functionality would require multiple separate ManageEngine products

Solution Comparison

Device42 ManageEngine
Data Center Management (DCIM)
IT Asset Management (ITAM)
IP Address Management (IPAM)
Agentless Auto-Discovery
Native Hypervisor Inventory
Hardware and Software Dependency Maps (ADM)
Certificate Discovery & Management
Barcode & QR code generation
Workflow Management
Power Control
Single/Unified Product

Key Features:

  • Powerful agent-less autodiscovery tools with the ability to deploy remote collectors as needed for distributed discovery
  • Track hardware and software on physical and virtual machines, containers, and blades whether on premise or in the cloud
  • Complete network infrastructure discovery with end-to-end connectivity tracking
  • Visualize relationships between assets with detailed impact charts, dependency lists and diagrams, and powerful visualizations
  • Track unlimited non-IP assets
  • Print QR codes and barcodes with smart phone support
  • Integrate with many popular ITSM, CM, and SIEM tools
  • Automatic warranty lookup with centralized status tracking and reporting
  • Customizable reports, expiration reminders, and notifications
  • Support for all popular licensing models (user, device, or CPU-based)
  • Granular APIs, sample scripts, and webhooks to drive automation
  • Go beyond just assets with Device42’s fully integrated CMDB!

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