What people are saying about Device42...

As a Cloud Service provider, we have to have accurate IPAM. We have been using spreadsheets for a long time and our growth just made it no longer feasible to manage technology in this manner. We have been a Solar Winds customer for quite some time, but that product pales in comparison. What attracted us to Device42 was the UCS, Cisco ACI, and VMware integration. For us this was critical. We also utilized your dev team during the past month with at least 4-5 bugs that we uncovered during our POC. They immediately turned around code for us – and have made that standard in the next release. This was quite impressive. We were not even a customer and you were partnering with us to solve problems. We also are a Service NOW shop so this product will help with IP management during our new client build and deployment processes. We also love the data center integration piece where we can literally detail with a drawn VISIO to the actual port ID where a circuit is plugged in. This entire “data center single piece of glass” is what we were looking for.

As an Enterprise Cloud Provider, we are happy we have made this decision!
Eric Tuley
Director, Cloud Platform
Concerto Cloud Services
Device42 eliminates hours of manually taking and updating inventory and I like its ease of use and having everything in one application. I’m also very satisfied with the support I receive from Device42 and would definitely recommend Device42 to others!
Nick Fredrich
Network Engineer
Everyone has been so professional, courteous and willing to accommodate above and beyond my expectations. I’ve had numerous questions and problems but each inquiry was returned with such enthusiasm and eagerness to help. Thank you again for the wonderful customer service.
Christina Sharp
Cox Communications
Device42 support has been unparalleled to any other vendor in my experience. They are agile and eager to help solve any problems I run into.
Aaron Burton
System Administrator
As an early adopter of Device42, we have found the product and it's development team to be extremely nimble in meeting our needs. Managing a limited staff, pressure from the business to meet a rapid speed to market, as well as increased complexities to meet our compliance needs, the traditional spreadsheets and big box solutions have not been able to provide an easy no hassle solution. Device42 has become our single system to manage all physical, virtual, software, vendor, and IP assets with strong search capabilities as well as graphical representations. Device42 has also become a significant aid in validating our documentation process for customer audits and I would highly recommend this software.
Michael Loffredo
Director of IT Infrastructure
LifeCare Inc.
Device42 is simple, light, responsive, easy to use and powerful to manage and record my data center information. I can manage list of my server whether it is a rack server, blade, virtual, even a cluster, complete with its specifications like CPU, memory, harddrive and OS plus manage its manufactures like the vendor, contact information, and warranty date. I can now find an available IP Address or server information and even the rack mapping now with just few simple clicks. Export support is also a big plus. The deployment of this software is very easy too. I'm looking forward to the future updates and gladly recommend this software to my friends.
Mardelis Lubis
IT Data Centre Officer
PT Federal International Finance
Feature rich. This is exactly what I needed.
Rod Batalla
Senior System Administrator
Western Digital Technologies
Layout of the software web console is very clean and easy to follow.
Brent Meints
IT Senior Analyst
Thyssenkrupp Bilstein of America
Folks here like it because it fits most of our needs and understands blades and virtualization.
ShaColby Jackson
Blue Jeans Network
Device42 is taking us from anarchy to organization.
Matt Iles
Network Systems Manager
International School of Beijing