BMC Remedy Integration with Device42

Better IT Service Management with the BMC Remedy + Device42 CMDB Plugin

If you are using BMC Remedy for your ITSM or even as a part of your ITIL framework- one of the biggest challenges is keeping the configuration item info up-to-date.

Device42’s powerful and agentless auto-discovery options make it super easy to automagically maintain the true state of all your hardware and software assets and all the metadata around it. With this plugin, you can now enhance your BMC Remedy workflow with real time asset data from Device42.

Add this free module to your BMC Remedy installation and begin attaching the relevant Device42 CI to your BMC Remedy tickets today!

Connecting Device42 to BMC Remedy at a glance

  • Associate individual or multiple configuration items (CIs) from Device42, including devices, racks, parts, and PDUs with BMC Remedy tickets
  • View device name, type, and service level from Device42 directly in BMC Remedy
  • Click through from your BMC Remedy ticket to view the full CI details in Device42
  • Direct visibility and historical accountability into exactly which devices a ticket affected, even if the device has been moved, renamed, or retired
BMC Remedy Integration

Link CMDB items and CI to issues in BMC Remedy

Now you can associate auto-discovered IT assets (or Configuration Items; CI) including devices, parts, PDUs and racks from Device42 with BMC Remedy tickets. Within BMC Remedy, Device42 Configuration Items can be directly selected when creating a BMC Remedy ticket.

BMC Remedy Integration
Upon clicking View icon, device NHCTDC1R4 opens in Device42

View CI details from BMC Remedy tickets

With the Device42 BMC Remedy connector, all of your detailed device information within Device42 for that Configuration Item is just a click away from your BMC Remedy ticket. Each CI in includes a link to view the Device42 page for that Configuration Item, enabling quick navigation to a detailed view of a given configuration item’s details in Device42.

Download the BMC Remedy / Device42 CMDB connector for better ITSM today!