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Device42 vs. Riada Insight Jira

Modern data centers often span multiple locations in hybrid deployments, both physical and cloud. Highly virtualized and automated, with containers and software defined networks and intricate load-balanced high-availability configurations, tracking these deployments is complicated. It isn’t practical to manage modern IT infrastructure with separate tools for cloud and data center infrastructure management (DCIM), asset management (ITAM), IP address management (IPAM), application dependency discovery & management (ADM/ADDM), and software license management (SLM).

Insight Jira vs Divece42

The dependencies and inter-relationships are critical IT operations like maintenance and migration planning, capacity management, and troubleshooting, yet there are simply too many to try to track and manage manually. Modern infrastructure demands Device42.

You’ve found the best Insight Jira alternative!
With Device42’s CMDB. you can attach IT assets right to Jira tickets!

Both integrations enhance Jira with CMDB attributes, but Riada’s Insight requires you buy a second product to do auto-discovery!

Device42 offers a complete product that includes Auto-Discovery, integrating your with Jira automatically.

PLUS, Device42 also integrates with the rest of your favorite IT software: Confluence and Jira Service Desk, Automation tools like Ansible and Puppet, SIEM tools like Splunk and Logstash, as well as many more — See for yourself! Download Device42 NOW, FREE!

See the Device42 difference vs. Insight for Jira:

Features Device42 Core Riada Insight for Jira +
Insight Discovery
Powerful, FREE JIRA Integration
Discovery Included in Core product
Password Management
Integrated Solution
Cloud and On-Premise Option
Agent-less Discovery
Optional Agent Based Discovery**
Automatic Service/Application Discovery
Native Windows WMI & *nix (ssh) Discovery
SNMP Discovery
WinRM Discovery
Linux-based Discovery Tools
Discovery compatible with existing data
Single-vendor purchasing
Simple, unified licensing model
Native Cisco UCS Discovery
Native Load Balancer Discovery
Native VMware Discovery
Native Other Virtualization (Hyper-V, Xen, KVM, LXC)
Native Public/Private Cloud Discovery
Automatic Affinity Groups
Nmap Discovery
Netflow Discovery
Webhooks to drive automation

*All feature data deduced from the BMC Software website and/or available marketing materials. Please let us know if something isn’t right and we’ll gladly update it.

Device42 has everything you need to manage your IT infrastructure: DCIM, IPAM, ITAM, and more.

Integrate Device42’s enterprise CMDB with Jira to:

  • Link any IT Asset to Jira Issues
  • Search Jira tickets for IT Assets
  • View asset details from helpdesk tickets
  • Create Jira conditional functions
  • Create validator functions
  • Create POST functions
  • Create custom Jira fields
  • Create custom Jira workflows
  • …and so much more!

A complete solution from Riada requires the purchase and integration both the Insight CMDB product and the expensive stand-alone Discovery product (along with Jira).

Device42 is fully integrated (some components are licensed separately), packing all this and more into a single product:

  • Auto-discovery
  • Application dependency mapping
  • DCIM
  • Password management
  • Certificate management
  • Capacity planning
  • Power monitoring & control
  • Resource utilization
  • Inventory lifecycle management
  • Automatic rack diagrams
  • Cable management
  • Drag-and-drop buildings/rooms
  • Purchase tracking
  • Cloud recommendation engine
  • Automatic affinity groups
  • Asset lifecycle tracking
  • Asset transfers
  • XLS/CSV imports & exports
  • QR / Barcode Generation
  • “What-if” scenarios
  • Complete audit trails

…PLUS Advanced Visualizations, powerful & customizable reporting, advanced RESTful APIs, webhooks — all at a price that will surprise you. Download NOW!

Try a Device42 Interactive Demo for Free!

Making the switch is easy with migration utilities and imports.

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