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Device42 vs. Lansweeper

Looking for a better alternative
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Device42 vs Lansweeper

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Why Choose Device42 Over Lansweeper?

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Full hybrid IT discovery

Detailed inventory for physical, virtual, containers, and cloud infrastructure

Robust integrations with other ITSMs

Fast time to value/lower cost

Data center and cloud infrastructure management (DCCIM)

Searching For A Lansweeper Alternative?

Lansweeper is focused on IT Asset Management (ITAM) with agentless discovery, and agent based scanning. Their ITAM capability provides basic discovery,  less focused on data centers and doesn’t provide capabilities specific to Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), such as room, rack, and cabling.

Device42 provides the breadth and depth of discovery that covers legacy technologies and the latest cloud technologies to show hybrid cloud interdependencies. Device42  provides full application level visibility needed into today’s complex IT environments. Full visibility of the lifecycle of IT resources is where Device42 shines.

Common Benefits & Use Cases

  • Identify and manage TLS/SSL certificates to ensure they are current
  • Identify old, inefficient servers & save on operating expense
  • Troubleshoot more efficiently and enjoy shorter MTTR
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Common Features & Functionalities

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Advanced visualizations

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Powerful, customizable reporting

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Integrations with 3rd party software

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