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Device42 vs. phpIPAM

Looking for a better alternative to {php}IPAM?
You’re in the right place!

  • Eliminate manual IP address tracking spreadsheets, the frustration that comes with using them, and of course, the associated risks
  • Enable distributed data center teams to easily manage subnets
  • Provide instant, at-a-glance access to IP address information and diagrams
  • Device42’s virtual appliance makes setup a breeze, and the powerful, agentless autodiscovery, remote collectors, and universal import tools make populating Device42 simple and fast, too
  • Minimize problem resolution times and lower your MTTR metrics
  • Save time by eliminating IP errors and streamlining IP management tasks


Device42 phpIPAM®
VRF Group Management
Comprehensive Device Info
Integrated DNS & DHCP mgmt
Powerful REST APIs
Advanced Visualizations
Webhooks to Drive Automation

Key Features:

Device42’s IPAM capabilities include:

  • IPv4/IPv6 IP address management
  • Auto-discovery tools keep IP records accurate and always up-to-date
  • DNS integration allows full zone and record transfers for easy searching
  • Overlapping IP ranges and nested subgroups management
  • Graphic visualizations of network connectivity connections
  • Subnet tree view with nested subnets and IPs
  • Auto assignment of IPs to devices
  • Patch panel & cable management with easy drag and drop functionality
  • Powerful APIs enable IP search, find, and integration with other tools


  • A CMDB with Powerful, Agentless Device Discovery
    • Native WMI for Windows & SSH for *nix, BSD, and Mac
    • SNMP for network devices like routers, switches, and load balancers
    • Native Discovery for popular hypervisors and their guest VMs, cloud platforms, and blades
  • Application Dependency Mapping (ADM) discovers all your application dependencies
    • See the services that are listening, on what ports, and all open ports on each server
    • Get a list of all installed applications, manufacturer / owner, version and function
    • Automatically generated dependency diagrams and topology charts quickly communicate interdependencies and application to server relationships
  • Remote collectors – discover from anywhere – no complicated span ports necessary, ever!
  • DCIM functionality with drag and drop rack and room layouts, power monitoring and control
  • Powerful pre-built reports with complete customizability
  • Discover data on servers that can’t be accessed directly with netflow and NMAP

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